Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall

  • Marc Chagall is a Russian-French artist, born 7 July 1887 in Liozna, Belarus.
  • Marc Chagall is the oldest sibling of 9 children in a strongly Jewish family
  • Marc Chagall had a son named David McNeil, his daughter named Ida Chagall.
  • In his early life he schooled at Académie de La Palette.
  • He lived until 28 March 1985.
He created many designs and paintings.

I and the village, Birthday, White Crucifixion, Paris through the Window, The Promenade, Green Violinist and many more.

I and the Village by Marc Chagall
A painting from March Chagall which was created in 1911-1911, located at The Museum Of Modern Art.
I like this piece of art work because its design is truly magnificent and inspiring.

Chagall's White Crucifixion — Reverb Culture
A painting from Marc Chagall, created in 1938-1938, it can be found in The Art Institute of Chicago.

This design image caught my attention because I like how he has painted historical events around the crucifixion of Jesus.

If you would like to look at more paintings by March Chagall click here  Artwork Marc Chagall

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