Friday, 18 September 2020

Aroha True Feelings

As fear and depression run down through my body,

Sins I created I want to say sorry,

I try all my best to be happy and perfect,

Now that I realise it all wasn’t worth it

I’m so badly sorry for all of my sin,

Such a cruel word that we all have lived in

Memories stay and memories go,

My fear and my nightmares they started to flow,

My anxiety and feelings continued to grow,

Sometimes and mostly, I stay up all night,

Do nothing exactly but stare at the sky,

Wishing I’d die,

Feeling so useless it’s stuck on my mind,

The love and the joy that I'm trying to find,

Feeling so happy you’re out of my sight,

All that is left is dark with no light

Thought of my future it’s stuck on my head,

I start overthinking bout life and the dead,

I always get bullied, was it something I said?,

Sometimes I wish I was normal as them,

Always been treated like I'm an item,

Scared to be present I feel really frightened,

Thinking and wishing my heart could be lightened

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