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Euphrasie Barbier

Euphrasie Barbier
How can we use the qualities and attitude of Euphrasie Barbier throughout our lives?

Image result for euphrasie barbier"Guide other people to the right path, to acknowledged them into doing what is right. Being extremely helpful/confident - towards my surroundings, and to stand up for the person who is getting intimidated - confident. Care for other people when help is needed.

Qualities And Attitude Euphrasie Barbier acknowledged:

- Loving
- Helpful
- Encouraging
- Opportunity
- Hopeful
- Determined
- Confident
- Brave
- Peacemaker
- Inspiring

Back Story:

Euphrasie Barbier was the founder of the Mission sisters. She was born at Caen on the 4th of January 1829. Her father (Louis-Desire Barbier), is a shoemaker and his bride (Jeanne Adele Le Cler, worked for a time as a laundress before acknowledging religious life.

Who is she:

She is a found of the mission sisters, also a person with strong personality. She is a New Zealand Roman religious person, she is a teacher and a religious founder. She gives kids have an opportunity to acknowledge learning. In 1842 Euphrasie Barbier entered a newly  

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