Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Treasure Box

Preserving the Treasure Box 

Houses being destroyed into piles, Library burnt down, books and pages tattering and shredding everywhere as the fire burns them into little pieces.

As I was playing outside with my friends out of nowhere I heard a loud explosion coming from the house next to mine. I ran as fast as I could to get back to my house as I hear the soldiers ordering the people to get out of their houses. As I got inside my house my dad quickly grabs me and holds on to me until we get to the basement.

As we get down there my dad pulls out a treasure box from under the stairs, he tells me to keep the treasure safe, I replied,  “but we have no treasure no ruby no silver no gold. “Dad opened the box and inside he pulled out a book and said “this book is about our people, he said, it's rarer than rubies, more splendid than silver, and greater than gold. He told me “promise to keep our treasure safe” and I replied “yes' father”.

As the soldiers ordered us out we packed our our personal items, including food, clothes and other materials to survive as we go on a journey to find a new village. My father told me that we are going to run through the backdoor so we don’t get caught. Then my dad said we will go at 3, 1 2 3! My dad and I ran as fast as we could through the back door. While I was running I could see people crying and hugging each other. My nose quickly caught the smell of burnt paper coming from the library that was destroyed, I also smelt fear which I feel within my body from top to bottom. I felt frightened, unsafe as I spot a dead person who had been assassinated.

Later on, as we ran out of the village, I notice so many people made it out alive. I see them a few miles away.  I look up to the sky, while walking, I could see the black smoke spreading from one side to another covering the blue sky and the sun. 

 We have been walking for several hours my legs have become extremely sore and I also realized that my dad is coughing and has started walking very slowly. As we are walking my dad falls on the ground. I become so worried I stop walking and I grab a blanket from my bag and put it on top of him to keep him warm. He wakes up and he said “what happened.”  I said “when we were walking all of a sudden you crumbled to the ground.”

We both laid there for a while. He said “promise to keep our treasure safe” I was confused and I wondered why was he saying that. Later on he laid on the floor and never woke up. I burst into tears as I ran to get some help. The people ran to my father and one of them told me to wait. A few minutes passed. One of my fathers friends came up to me and said sorry you’re dad didn’t make it. My heart dropped as soon as they told me, I dropped to my knees and I looked down and I closed my eyes “why father, you should have told me sooner.” The people buried my father and they put flowers all over the grave. The people  told told me to “leave the treasure box behind, we have a long way to go.”  But instead I leave my suitcase instead of the treasure box so I could honor my father's promise. 

As I was walking I hear one of the people yelling “LOOK GUYS A VILLAGE!,” I was so surprised, I ran over and there I see A VILLAGE.  I decided to bury the treasure box under a linden tree as I knew my hands couldn’t hold it any longer. When I got to the village there were people there, they greeted me and the other villagers. I kind of felt unsafe and a little bit scared because I don’t trust them, but I had no other choice but to accept what's in front of us. They seemed really kind because they offered us food if we were hungry. They started preparing the food for me and the villages. 

One of the villagers offered me a shower, I replied “yes” because I’ve been walking for days without showering.. As I finished I felt so refreshing and I could smell the delicious food coming from the dining room.  I got there and realised the villagers are already sitting down waiting for me before they started eating. We all sat down and started to eat the delicious food the villagers prepared for us. Before I ate my food I said a little prayer about my father wishing he was here with me. Later on I decided to live there because I felt  it was the best for me, and so I did.

Now I am a grown man and I go to college. For the past few years I've enjoyed my life because I’ve been getting good grades.. I decided to visit my dad’s grave. It’s been awhile, I thought to myself.  I went back to my father’s grave, I visualized my footsteps and I also knew I was in the right place because of the dead tree. I brought some fresh flowers and  put all around the grave. Then I said a little prayer about my father and talked to him about the college I go to and my grades. I also told him about how the people always respected me, including the people that looked after me. Finally I decided to dig up the treasure box next to the linden tree. 

As I arrived I saw a little girl and asked her to help me dig up the treasure box, she replied with a yes and so we dug it out. Then she said, “is there any jewelry.”  I grabbed the treasure box and opened it, pulling out the book.  “Oh, it's just a book” the little girl said. “It not just a book, it's a book about our people, it’s rarer than ruby, more splendid than silver, and greater than gold.” 

After that I took the book back to the library and put it on the shelf where it belonged.

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