Friday, 7 December 2018

Whittakers - By:George

Questions: Where is Whittakers chocolate made?
  • It is made in Porirua, New Zealand
Question: Is Whittakers a New Zealand company?
  • Whittakers is a New Zealand company, and is still family owned and operated.
Questions: Where can I buy Whittakers product?
  • Whittakers product should be available at all supermarkets throughout New Zealand, and in most every service station and dairy
Questions: Where is Whittakers chocolate exported to?
  • We exported our chocolate to Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and 5 other places.
  1. 170g self-raising flour.
  2. 1/4 tsp baking soda.
  3. 200g brown sugar.
  4. 180g castor sugar.
  5. 25g cocoa powder (use good-quality Dutch cocoa powder for the best results)
  6. 3 medium eggs.
  7. 75ml (5 tbsp) plain unsweetened yoghurt.
  8. 200g Whittakers 62% Dark Cacao chocolate.

Notes about how Whittakers are made
Whittakers are the second largest chocolate in New Zealand.
James Henry Whittakers worked in a British confectionery industry at the age of 14, and then moved to Christ church in 1890.
6 years later he started manufacturing chocolate.
A new survey has shown that Whittakers has increased its lead over the field as New Zealand’s most - loved brand.
But the chocolate wars are heating up - Cadbury is in the top five this year, after falling outside top ten last year.
Entertaining people why they should buy Whittakers
Whittakers are very tasty because they sale many interesting flavors that can make you very happy and satisfied, it also has a creamy taste that makes it even better. It has a very good taste to balance the sweetness. the flavors they sale are Butter milk caramel gingerbread, Milk Choc Cashew wattle seed, Berry and Biscuits, peanut butter, White Choc Mango, Cocoa Hazelnut and others.   

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