Monday, 18 December 2017

Math solving problems.

Learning Intention:We are learning to solve problems.

Success Criteria:I am successful when I can answer the problems correctly and explain my strategy's.

1.Johnny had some DVDs.

He put them into 5 stacks of 6.
How many DVDs does he have now?

(30) I know its 30 because 5×6=30.

5+5+5=15 and 5+5+5=15 so 15+15=30.

2.Sid was collecting plum from his trees.

On Monday, he collected 4 plums.On Tuesday he collected
twice as many plums on Tuesday.On Wednesday he got
twice as Tuesday. If this pattern continued how many 
plums does he has on Thursday.

 I know its 32 because 8+8=16 another 8+8=16 so 

16+16=32. 8×4=32. 32÷4=8   4+4=8; so 8+8=16 then 
16+16=32, another  4×2=8 8×2=16 and 16×2= 32

3.There are six netball teams in the local inter-school netball tournament. 

During the tournament, they all need to play each other once.
How many matches will be played altogether?
I know its 36 because 6×6=36. 
6,12,18,24,30 and 36.
30÷6=6, another way 6+6=12, 12+12=24 so 24+12=36.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Evaporation - By: George


Learning Intention: We are learning to use the information we gathered about the water cycle to write a short story.  

Success Criteria: I am successful when I can write a paragraph about evaporation.

One morning I fell into the ground. I was wet, and I realised that I was a water droplet. I saw a bright sun shines on me, I can't believe it. I've turned into a water vapour. Then I was floating in the air going up into the sky.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Registration day-By George.

Today Rachel and Hansel came to our school to room 8 to tell us about Summer Learning Journey. When they where here they told us what was going to happen. They also said there are many sorts of activities. They told us how many points,bonus and prizes that we can win from participating. After that they told us that the Summer Learning Journey is all about the New Zealand through time. Then lastly they told us to register if we want to participate the Summer Learning.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

My little baby brothers birthday-By George

           MY baby brother birthday

Learning Intention:We are learning to write a recount.
Success Criteria:I know I am successful when I can write paragraphs that begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.

Hooray! its my baby brother birthday. 

On a sunny holiday I went to my cousins house with my mum dad and brother, last week we have a BBQ because it was my cousins little brothers birthday.My uncle was cooking sausages, chicken leg and chicken stick with some veges in it.While it was cooking my cousin, brother and I put my little baby brother on the trolley and started taking him for a walk down the road.After that we push him next to the flowers, and he was steering at them, so we gave him a orange thick flower for him to hold.

Soon we went back and ate the food and it tasted very delicious.Later there were cakes and inside it had chocolate cream, with strawberry desert food . It was the yummiest cake I'v  ever had. 

One sunny holiday my parents and I went to my cousins house because it was my little cousins birthday and we had a BBQ.My uncle was cooking sausages,chicken leg and chicken stick with veges in it.While it was cooking my cousin and I put my baby cousin in the trolley and started taking him for a walk down the road.After that we put him next to the flower for him to look at.So we gave him a thick orange flower for him to hold

After a while we went back and started to eat the food that my uncle cooked, it was delicious.Then there were chocolate cakes, it had chocolate cream, cherry and strawberry dice'rt. 

Finally we played outside and played with my cousins and had lots of fun playing tag.

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Friday, 3 November 2017

Mission day-By George

Learning intention:We are learning to write a recount using adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

Success Criteria:I am successful when I can use describing words, verbs and adjectives correctly.

Yey! its Mission day!!!

On Mission day St.Patrick school went to church.We sang many songs and prayed to God and Jesus.Next, we went back to our class room and set up our activities.We had fishing, books for sale and hanging apples.When the bell rang we went outside to play with the activities.

The first activities I played was fishing.I enjoyed it because I kept dropping the candy.Finally I caught one "chocolate fish" with my fishing rod and I ate it.Later , it was my turn to look after the fishing game.There were small children who came to play.

 I enjoyed watching the children.They pay more than 50 cents, so I gave them their change.After lunch, Mrs. Dines asked us to watch cartoons in room 8, we said 'yes'.We couldn't finish the movie as it was raffle time. We all gathered in front of room 6 under the big shade.

The teacher had to pick a ticket for a winner.A girl in room 8 won a prize.Next,she called out another ticket and it was me. I won a big Lego box! When another ticket was pulled out, I won a Lego box again, and everyone cheered and clapped for me.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Facts about birds feathers.-By George

Learning Intention:write an explanation about birds feathers using capital letters and full stop correctly.

Success Criteria:I am successful when I can write an explanation about birds feathers.

Birds have feathers to keep them warm.Birds have strong feathers to help them fly, and it can protect them from wild creatures.

Image result for pictures about birds
Birds feathers comes in different sizes, colours and shapes.Birds can be identified by the colour of their feathers.Some feathers are use to attract female birds by their beautiful colour.

Birds feathers can protect them from 
water and cold temperatures.Birds feathers can be use to provide insulation to the eggs and their young.

Fish makes good pets.-By George

Learning Intention: We are learning how to write persuasive writing.

Success Criteria: I am successful when I can persuade someone to agree with my argument. 

Fish make good pets because sometimes you don't need to look after them.They can  play with you.I like fish because they have colourful scales.Sometimes fish are fun because they jump up and down in the water. They can do tricks and show off by doing front flip and back flips and swimming around in circles. 

Fish are one of the smallest pets you can ever have in the world.Image result for pictures about fish